Hey Divas 😀 I know i’ve been mia but i’m back!!

Today, it’s going to be about changing your look with your hair color. I just did! (in April tho) and i’m luving it! it just keeps getting hotter & hotter. Here’s a few tips i’ve got for you.

A lot of people are very skeptical about changing their hair color and those that do not have a problem with it always go for “safe colors” like deep wine; to me that’s just boring. I’m going to be sharing tips to make it less boring 😉

So, when coloring your hair, here’s what will make it pop!

– if you’re going to change your hair color to lets say wine for example, make it different shades; – highlight some parts/streaks & dull some out so it blends nicely –

give it a pattern cause at the end of the day you do not want one bland color all round To do this, – you start with what color your hair is originally,

– then you decide on what dye you’re using and what color. for me i’ll recommend Creme of Nature simply cause thats what i use..why? cause, you get results stated on the back of the pack based on your hair color; also your hair will not break; i’ve tried others and this one is reliable plus if you even use it just after dying your hair, it doesn’t hurt.

-next you decide on what kinda hair style you’ll be rocking when you’re done; is it goin to be a center or side parting weave? or are you getting a hair cut? you can do this by googling celebrities or images to determine this. this decision determines the kinda coloring pattern/ result you’re going to try & achieve